Amusement parks

The aquarium of Cattolica

The Cattolica Aquarium is suitable for visitors of all ages. It has over one hundred tanks in which live more than 3000 specimens of fish, penguins, reptiles, turtles, dangerous sharks and many other marine species from all over the world.

Italy in miniature

Italia in Miniatura is located in Rimini and is a theme park where you can admire the miniatures of the most important Italian monuments and where you can enjoy the many attractions and games in the park.


It is the biggest theme park in Italy and it is located in Ravenna: it houses a ferris wheel and a high of 92 meters and some of the attractions most unique and entertaining ever. Attraction extreme, water games, kiddie rides and lots of fun await you.


Is the theme park dedicated to children. Here you enter a world of gnomes, fairies, animals and many other characters with whom to play and have fun for an entire family day out.


Oltremare is located in Riccione and it is a great park that is home to numerous attractions all dedicated to the animal world. Inside the park you can experience a unique cinematic at the Imax 3D, a 500-seat theatre, which through the technologies of last generation, leads into an incredible world.


Located in Riccione, just at the exit of the Motorway, is the most famous water park in Europe: you can find a lot of fun for adults and kids, amazing games and the famous wave pool. The evening becomes the center of entertainment for young people, with many events and musical evenings.